Athena Siam Limited

At ASL we strive for excellence in the services that we provide to our clients. Our strategy is to bring the best expertise available to each project in both technical and management aspects. This includes value, innovative design, buildablity, speed of construction, flexibility, image, sustainability and life cycle cost.

Our scope of services is flexible and will depend on our clients’ needs. We appreciate that no two projects are the same.

Our services cover all aspects of construction development and management, from the first conceptual stages through to project completion.


Effective management is needed to achieve successful projects. A successful project manager looks ahead, anticipates and is proactive rather than reactive. Using this ethos, we have successfully managed all phases of projects for many clients under a wide range of circumstances, for the benefit of both the project and the client. Our management systems that are part of this service include:

  • Design management
  • Value engineering
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • Programming and scheduling
  • Cost control and management
  • Coordination with various parties
  • Quality management


ASL has a large portfolio of completed projects including single room renovations, whole property refurbishments, and international high-rise commercial projects. We are committed to delivering excellent service whilst satisfying the needs of our clients.

Value management of projects means regularly reviewing design, procurement and construction ideas against project budget considerations. ASL has developed systems which provide clients with a thorough understanding of the building process and issues involved. To this extent, site specific, we offer an open book method of procurement.